Alwan LinkProfiler Upgrades

Alwan LinkProfiler Upgrades

Alwan LinkProfiler is a profiling software that allows you to create sophisticated and accurate ICC DeviceLink Profiles. It includes many innovative and original features not found on other profilers.

Addressed Problems

If a CMYK file is to be color managed for a destination CMYK digital proofer or printing press using ICC Device profiles, source CMYK data will be converted to CIELAB using the source ICC device profile, and then CIELAB colors are converted to destination CMYK values using the output ICC device profile. In this operation, important information about the source file contents can be lost.

For example, source pure C, M, Y or K color elements like text, color tints, vector graphics etc... are converted to 4 color CMYK on the output.

This can practically cause undesirable artifacts on the proof like grainy and dirty colors or misleading information like wrong dot structure.

On the printing press this CMYK->CIELAB->CMYK transformation may cause undesirable effects and even printability problems.

If black text or line art turns into CMYK, it will be very difficult to register, will have unsharp borders and will require more ink to print.


• Alwan LinkProfiler PrePress Edition

Alwan LinkProfiler™ ICC DeviceLink profiles ensure:

• Improved digital proof color and visual match
• Accurate Press to Press color match
• Optimal output black generation and TAC (total area coverage) for the destination printing press
• Preservation of C,M,Y,K, CM, CY, MY colors purity with dot gain compensation
• Preservation of achromatics
• Preservation of CMY colors under solid black
• Preservation of solid and registration marks
• Choice or rendering Intent
• Choice of black point compensation

• Alwan LinkProfiler Press Edition

All the above +

• Custom GCR
• Maximum Black option for maximum ink savings

Competitive Advantages

The best DeviceLink Profiles for demanding production environments:

• Spot on digital proofs
• No more registration problems due to 4 color primaries
• Ink Savings on the printing press
• Total control on the output black generation and TAC with any ICC compliant output device profile
• Developed, tested and validated in demanding press printing environments
• Used to produce ICC color managed proofs and prints for multi-million circulation titles




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LinkProfiler PrePress_v3 from LinkProfiler Publish  $650.00
LinkProfiler Press_v3 from LinkProfiler Print  $1,690.00