Hot Topics, Supported Products, and Specific Technical Capabilities
Hot Topics
•    GRACoL
•    GretagMacbeth ProfileMaker 5 with Packaging and DeviceN support
•    EFI/Best XF, GMG Colorproof, Oris ColorTuner, CSE Colorburst
•    OSX Install, Integration and Troubleshooting
•    Acrobat 7
•    Pitstop
•    File Formats and Fonts: Using Fonts and Graphics Successfully
•    Digital Proofing Workflows: How Inkjets and Color Management are Changing the Face of Proofing
•    CTP: 10 Things You Need to Know Before You Begin
•    Top 10 IT for Prepress Issues:
Servers, Switches, Operating Systems and How to Get the Most Out of them in the Prepress Environment
•    Color Management Workshop: Creating and Applying Profiles
•    Color Management 2002: Real Life Color Management for Real Solutions
•    Advanced Digital Workflows: Ripping, Proofing, Plotting and How to Streamline Digital Workflows
•    PDFX1-A: How It Can Change the Way You and Your Customers Work Together
•    Direct to Press: Where it stands, where it is going, and how it will change the printing industry as we know it
•    PDF Workflows and Solutions
•    Top Support Issues for PDF: What Goes Wrong and What to Do about It
•    Preflight: How to and Top Issues
•    PCs for Prepress
On Demand and On-SiteTraining:
We can bring any of our classes right to your plant, or can hold a customizedclass for you.
Prepress Audits
Color Management Services
Prepress Equipment and Proposal Evaluation
IT Audits and Integration Services
Workflow Analysis and Troubleshooting
General Prepress Training

Technical Topics

Prepress Services
Prepress Consulting and Training
Needs Analysis
Install and Integration
Computer to Plate (CTP)
Color Management
Workflow Automation
PDF Workflows
Prepress Workflow Training
Preflight Techniques
Production Management
Imagesetting and RIP Procedures
Trapping and Imposition
System Configuration and Install
Scanning and Retouching

Front Ends and RIPs
Harlequin RIPs and Easytrap
Scitex PSM
Scitex Brisque
Scitex PS2
PCC Pageflow
Artworks Nexus
Artworks Odystar
Fuji Celebra
EFI Velocity Oneflow
Xitron RasterBlaster
Xitron Navigator
Agfa Taipan
Agfa Apogee
Linotype Imagesetters and RIPs
Xitron Xenith
All of the above configurations as CTP devices

Digital Proofing and RIPs
Best Colorproof
Best Screenproof
Best RemoteProof
Best Premium
Absolute Proof
EFI Colorproof XF
CSE ColorBurst
GMG Colorproof
Oris ColorTuner
Imation Rainbow
Dupont Digital Color Workstation
Dupont Cromapro
Serendipity Software Black Magic
Fuji PictroMatch
Fuji AP
Iris IQ

Color Management
Monaco CMS Software
Kodak ColorFlow
Agfa ColorTune
Greytag CMS Software

Scitex Smart and Eversmart Scanners
Microtek Artix Scanners

System Integration
Unix Servers/Workstations (Sun/SGI/OSX)
Windows NT Server
Windows 2000/2003 Server
PC - Windows 98/95/3.1/DOS
Seagate Backup Exec
System Troubleshooting
System configuration and setup
AppleShare/TCP Configuration
Postscript Troubleshooting
PDF Tools
Heidelberg SuperTrap
Apago PDF/X Checkup
Enfocus Pitstop
Callas Pdfinspector2
Adobe Acrobat
Adobe Distiller
Lantana CrackerJack
Quite PDF Tools
Production Software
Adobe Acrobat/PDF Workflows
Scenicsoft Preps
Dynagram Dynastrip
Scenicsoft PressWise
Xinet FullPress
Xinet Webnative
Cantos Cumulus
Scenicsoft Color Central
Scenicsoft TrapWise
EFI Oneflow
PCC Insight
PCC Nexus Edit
PCC ArtPro
Scitex Remake
Scitex Full Auto Frames
Scitex Presstouch