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With the current situation we are now providing remote services for many of our customers. This includes press calibration, including G7 Master recertifications, proofer calibration, color management, training, and troubleshooting and support services.  Most of the things we can do on-site we can do remotely. Also working live with masks as well.

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                                                                                                                                                                                                      Changes to New Lighting and Color Matching to Proofs: ISO 3664:2009

by Ron Ellis 

Viewing conditions are an important part of any print workflow. Recently there have been changes to the ISO standard for viewing conditions, as well as to the bulbs used in most print viewing booths. This bulletin gives a brief outline of the changes, possible issues, as well as ways to work with the new bulbs.

New Viewing Conditions

ISO 3664:2009 and Changes to Bulbs for Viewing Booths
In 2009 the ISO standard for viewing conditions was changed. The new standard includes many improvements, including being a closer match to real daylight, as well as being in closer agreement to CIE specifications for illuminant D50. The new standard was also changed to include UV content. All bulbs shipped in 2011 were modified to meet these specifications. If you order bulbs for most standard viewing conditions they now meet these new specifications. This means all new bulbs shipped right now contain UV content.

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