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i1 Pro 2 
New Eye-One Pro 2 Basic
(measurement and monitor profiling)

 NEw Eye-One Profiler
(measurement, monitor &
 printer profiling)

The i1 Pro has been the most successful spectrophotometer in history with an estimated 250,000 units sold worldwide since it's introduction.  X-rite recently redesigned the i1, and began shipping the new i1 Pro 2. Heavier, and better designed it a more serious device. The device now contains a sensor to track speed when scanning.

The biggest change however is the ability to read three illuminant conditions including both UV Cut and UV included with a single instrument. Even more important in the future will be the ability of the i1 Pro 2 to read M1 measurements.

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SpectrodensTechkon Spectrodens

Best in class instrument

Advanced: $4,600
(includes G7, reads control strips)

Premium: 5,200
(Includes pass/fail, metamerism)

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