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THE FIRST FREE WEB PROCESS CONTROL TOOL is a web based process control tool that allows you to read a control strip, see a quick report of delta E and dot gain, and print a summary label.

While not as fully featured as a commercial product, free  will give you an average delta, delta for each patch, and a delta for grays as well as a suggested pass/fail tolerance

The following tests are currently available free of charge to all users:

IDEAlliance Control Strip to GRACoL 2006
IDEAlliance Control Strip to SWOP 3
IDEAlliance Control Strip to SWOP 5
IDEAlliance Control Strip to FOGRA39

For directions on how to use the free tests click here:

In addition custom tests are available for customers of the webstore, Ron Ellis Consulting LLC, as well as selected affiliates.

SpotOn! Control Strip to your data - DeltaE and Dot Gain
P2P to your data - DeltaE and Dot Gain
IDEAlliance Control Strip to your data - DeltaE

Users of custom tests are given a password and results are logged into an SQL database so you can review your results at any time.

If you are currently a customer and would like to use the custom tests click here to email me

For directions on how to use the custom tests click here:

Limited Warranty

Freeprocesscontrol is s a free service but is not intended to be used as a pass/fail tool. Tools, articles, resources and, information and utilities come with NO guarantees and NO free support. Use these at your own risk. Check back often for updates and additions.


Downloadable Tools and Resources:

- Process Control Worksheet
A sheet that records primary control metrics for a press.

- What to Measure
Notes on basic process control measurements.

- Process Tracking Worksheet
Sheet for tracking plates and press sheets.
- Press Worksheet
Sheet for recording detailed press conditions.
- Press Troubleshooting Worksheet
Sheet for logging problem jobs
- Process Control Scorecard
A simple sheet for keeping track of press to proof accuracy
- LAB Map
A printable chart showing the LAB coordinates
- Control Strips and Ref Files
Control Strips and Reference Files for use with X-Rite ColorPort

 Enfocus Switch

Best Measurement Value for the Money is Even Better!

i1 Pro 2 
New Eye-One Pro 2 Basic
(measurement and monitor profiling)

 NEw Eye-One Profiler
(measurement, monitor &
 printer profiling)

The i1 Pro has been the most successful spectrophotometer in history with an estimated 250,000 units sold worldwide since it's introduction.  X-rite recently redesigned the i1, and began shipping the new i1 Pro 2. Heavier, and better designed it a more serious device. The device now contains a sensor to track speed when scanning.

The biggest change however is the ability to read three illuminant conditions including both UV Cut and UV included with a single instrument. Even more important in the future will be the ability of the i1 Pro 2 to read M1 measurements.