EasyTrax Auto Scanning System

EasyTrax is X-Rite’s NEW semi-automated color scanning system for producing accurate CMYK and CMYK + 2 color jobs. Available in multiple press sizes from 20” to 40”, EasyTrax comes on a measurement board for easy installation and can be adapted to other after-market consoles. EasyTrax includes a black backing so you can achieve or maintain ISO certification, and the characterization data sets for G7 or PSO process control are available to support your efforts to achieve ISO standards. EasyTrax has the ability to take a scan measurement or spot measurement anywhere on the sheet making EasyTrax the perfect solution for press-side color control for smaller format color presses or for primarily process color environments.


• EasyTrax Small Format Density (20"-32")

• EasyTrax Small Format Spectral (20"-32")

• EasyTrax Large Format Density (40")

• EasyTrax Large Format Spectral (40")


G7/ISO Support

• Adds support for ISO libraries, G7 Libraries, G7 Graphs and ISO/G7 Reporting

Dell Turnkey Computer

• Dell 2G Computer System with 17" Elo Touch Screen Monitor

Warranty Upgrade

• Upgrades Warranty to 3 years

EasyTrax System Includes:

Black Measurement Board, scanning head assembly, software, digital pantone libraries, interconnection cables, set-up and operations guide, quick start guide, and Getting Connected Sheet. Includes 1 year warranty.

Versatile measurements
Allows to take measurements anywhere on the sheet.

Spectral and Density from one measurement
Save time taking only one measurement but still receive all the necessary information for preflight and pressroom adjustments.

Scanning measurement of ink density
EasyTrax quickly shows the press operator how far from the tolerance the density of ink is, so adjustments can be made quickly, getting to the right color faster, while saving time, and reducing waste.

Error detection
EasyTrax signals the user if the color bar is out of alignment, ensuring you don’t end up with false readings.

Precise color bar alignment
EasyTrax allows for alignment of the color bar with laser precision and skew adjustment. You can quickly see if the color bar is aligned, speeding make-ready time and increasing measurement accuracy.

EasyTrax is available in 2 versions:

EasyTrax Density
Entry solution for semi-automated control of primary process colors. Density data is displayed against set targets to easily determine ink zone changes needed.

EasyTrax Spectral
Advanced semi-automated solution to evaluate density and spectral data of up to 6 process colors. Measure in special colors for spectral evaluation. Good solution for those taking the next step forward in standardization.

What is EasyTrax?

• Available in Multiple Press Sizes 20”-40” • ISO Compliant measurement table included for easy installation • G7/PSO Process Control Support for ISO • Laser alignment method to quickly and easily align the color bar • Fast Scanning – 150mm/sec • Error detection system to alert if color bar is out of alignment ensuring accurate, repeatable results every time EasyTrax is X-Rite’s newest semi-automated color scanning system for producing accurate CMYK and CMYK + 2 spot color jobs. EasyTrax will streamline your processes while reducing make ready, saving time and materials. EasyTrax is the perfect solution for customers that want to automate their workflow and consistently provide accurate color.

How does EasyTrax Fit into My Workflow?

• System comes fully assembled; simply take it out of the box and place it on your console for quick set up • All training materials are right in the box: Sample Sheet, Video tutorials and new Wizard based software for easy set up and use • All scanning and spot measurement functions in one system • Quickly see how the press is performing and what adjustments need to be made to get to color faster than ever before • Use X-Rite pre-defined color bars or customize your own



Choose Model & Track Width Web Price
EasyTrax Density - Small Format (29")  $12,490.00
EasyTrax Density - Large Format (40")  $15,895.00
EasyTrax Spectral - Small Format (29")  $16,410.00
EasyTrax Density - Large Format (40")  $19,820.00
Add Options Web Price
G7/ISO Support  $880.00
Touch-screen Monitor  $1,290.00
Turnkey Computer System - Dell w/22" Monitor  $3,005.00
Dynamic Polarization  $855.00
On-Site Training - Min. 2 days  $4,240.00