Alwan PRINT Standardizer

Alwan PRINT Standardizer


PSO (Process Standard Offset) compliant for Platemaking and Printing Control and Conformance

Alwan Print Standardizer® (APS) is a unique solution that allows printers to print to standards instantaneously and automatically.

• APS is the ideal companion of your press-side auto-scanning measuring instrument.

• APS calculates and applies automatically necessary TVI corrections for offset and digital presses to match Fogra39, GRACol® or any other printing condition for each and every job.

• APS allows you to track your printing process behavior and reports possible mechanical problems on the press (v1.1)

• APS delivers ISO 12647 print conformance reports that can be used for internal Quality Assurance purposes or sent to your clients as proof of conformance (v1.2).

• Industry-First automated Quality Control and Assurance server system for the pressroom
• Easy to integrate, easy to install, does not affect production working methods and practices
• Guaranteed compliance with PSO (Process Standard Offset) certification requirements for the pressroom after few days in production
• Works with press-side measuring devices X-Rite IntelliTrax®, X-Rite EasyTrax®, X-Rite ATS®, Komori PDC-SII® or Heidelberg Image Control® for conventional presses (v1.1)
• Works with prepress measuring devices X-Rite iSis®, iO®, EyeOne Pro®, SpectroScan® via MeasureTool and ColorPort software for digital presses (v1.1)
• Automatically imports measurement data from the press console PC
• Automatically calibrates one or several presses with different paper stocks per press
• Average measurements from different papers of the same type and different presses of the same size to allow flexible last minute choice of printing press and paper
• Can read any control Strip and helps having one control strip for a pressroom even with different presses
• Provides useful information about the printing process conformity, and alerts production and maintenance in case a print anomaly is detected (v1.1)
• Provides conformity reports according to ISO 12647 for a sheet and for complete job (v1.2)
• Alwan's Money Back Guarantee for a Return on Investment (ROI) in less than 6 months



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