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Better inkjet proofing Inkjet proofing continues to improve, and the new RIPs are bringing this technology to a level previously unseen. Both CGS Oris ColorTuner and GMG Colorproof RIPs use an iterative process where you feed the color targets in over and over and the RIP mechanically adjusts color until it is as accurate as possible. In the typical inkjet proofing installation, a deltaE of under three was considered good. (DeltaE is a way of measuring color difference). With these new rips it is not just under three � they are able to get them under one. At that point, the proof is mathematically a match, and visually very close. This allows matches that could not be achieved up to this point. Other tips will follow with the same technology. Not just the RIPs It�s not just the proofing RIPs that are changing. Even more exciting is the idea of profiling software that uses the iterative process to make edits. Anyone who has ever made color profiles realizes that hand editing profiles is slow and problematic. Once the profile software can use an iterative process to make corrections for us this will make profiling much easier and accessible to non-experts. It will also give inexpensive inkjet RIPs and applications some of the same accurate color as the high-end color obtained by CGS Oris Colortuner and GMG Colorproof. Softproofing�s time has arrived Related to inkjet proofing is the topic of soft proofing or monitor proofing. New applications such as ICS Remote Director are improving to the point where they can accurately represent color in the pressroom, prepress department, or customer site. If you think inkjet proofing reduced the cost of materials and proofing, imagine the savings if you can eliminate the cost of materials and labor together. Additional benefits come from the ability to instantly send proofs to the customer with no shipping cost or delay. Multiple proofs can be sent to numerous locations and marked up so that time is saved and comments merged and presented in a manner that all can see. Monitor proofing has always been considered pretty far out. Many people think it is a neat idea but that it doesn�t work. I have configured it for many shops via applications such as Photoshop. This method works but is time consuming during the set up, and requires the user to perform a number of steps correctly to get the desired result. Applications such as ICS Remote Director simplify this. I have seen them live in plants, and it is an impressive technology. Pressmen with an LCD monitor next to their press using it as a live proof to match pressheet have told me they can use this to perform good color matches. The software is simple to operate and forces recalibrations and other steps to keep the user honest and in compliance. With the right combination of hardware and software, this technology will change how we proof. JDF is not here yet, but is approaching Another technology worth watching is the Adobe JDF (Job Definition Format). This technology is designed to streamline the flow of information between production systems. JDF is used in PDF RIPs such as EFI�s Oneflow right now to perform imposition or check status of a file. The future of JDF, however, offers much more. In the near future, a JDF file could be used to travel through the plant with a job and define automated activities. Many believe that JDF technology will eliminate the prepress department entirely. For example, the estimating system develops JDF information that includes the type of job and how it will be imposed as well as bindery instructions. When the job arrives in the plant it is dropped into a workflow and automatically preflighted against the job type and then automatically imposed based on the embedded imposition template. JDF info contains the bindery information, and tracks billing and other data collection so that the job can be shipped and billed at the end. The implication of this is a fully automated prepress department where there are few operators, and the one(s) present are system managers who control the workflows and watch the jobs flow through. Imagine a prepress department with only one staff person per shift. Of course all this presupposes that customers are supplying us with good PDF files, and this is a tall order right now, which leads into the next topic. Better PDF exports are coming Watch for improved automated PDF exports in new versions of graphic applications. The Adobe family of products has the same standardized distiller libraries used to make exports. This was not true in the past. As the export process is simplified, these applications will begin to fix problems inline when making print ready PDF files. Right now operators have to know too much to be able to create a good PDF file. Once the export options of these applications are given a wizard and begin to fix things under the hood, only then will a truly automated prepress department be possible. Most of the time in prepress is spent preflighting and repairing, and before anything really happens with client side PDFs, these applications need to get better at making PDF files. As always, the commercial side will be the last to go as many web and newsprint customers are already 100 percent PDF. OSX RIPs and production applications Another new trend has been sparked by the power of OSX. Being a stable and robust operating system, OSX lends itself to complex and powerful graphics operations of which OS9 failed miserably. Watch to see many new RIPs and production tools come out or be moved to OSX. This is already true for RIPs like Colorburst, BlackMagic, and production software like Odystar. These RIPs run much faster than most traditional Windows RIPs, and have the stability of a high-end Unix system. (Not to mention that the core printing subsystem of OSX called CUPS, is a well developed RIP in its own right). More moving to InDesign And finally, look for an even greater transition away from Quark 6 toward Adobe�s InDesign. Printing companies resisted the move from Quark to InDesign until recently. With all the cost and printing issues regarding Quark 6, more and more users have made the move to InDesign. The fact is Quark is a difficult company to deal with, and with all the font and printing issues specific to Quark 6, many users have had enough. InDesign doesn�t have these same font and print problems and in OSX it works well enough on convince many to switch. The old wall is coming down. These are a few of the things to watch for during the next year. Prepress keeps getting more automated, but it�s still not perfect. There are still a lot of things that require an operator with good knowledge, and especially in commercial and packaging applications it will stay that way for a while even though the tools are getting better.  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T-� Q)ah-�`�)i-)s��-�����\) -) a-�`�)ll��-������)o-)ws-� Q)7 -�`�) m-)'a��-������)t-)c-� Q)h-)es��-������)) t-� Q)h-)a��-������)t-) ��-������) co-).u-�`�)l-)d��-�����\) -� Q) n��-������)ot -� Q)4b��-������)e -)"ac-� Q),h-�`�)i-)e-� Q)v-)ed��-������)/ -) up-� Q)2 ��-������) t��-�����\)o-� Q) ��-������) t-� Q)h-�`�)i-)s��-�����\) -) p��-������)o-�`�)i-� Q)n��-�����\)t-) .-� Q)  -(�wO��-������)$t-� Q)h-)er��-������)' t-�`�)i-)ps��-�����\), -) w-�`�)$il-� Q)l��-�����\)  -�`�) f��-������)o-�`�)ll��-������)ow��-�����\)< -) w-�`�)$i��-������)t-� Q)h ��-������)&t-� Q)h��-������)e -)"sa-�`�))m-)'e��-�����\) ��-������) t-)ec-� Q),hn��-������)2o-�`�)l��-������)o-)g-�`�)y-).-��\)  -���(�w -*sNot jus��-������)�t-) th��-������):e-) RI-� Q)DP-)s-���) -( � I��-������)t-� Q)�-)s��-������) -� Q) n��-������)ot��-�����\)' -�`�) j-)us��-������),t-) ��-������) t-� Q)h-)e��-������) p-)%r��-������)oo-�`�)2fi-� Q)n-)g��-������) -) R��-������)!I-)Ps-� Q)/ ��-������) t-� Q)h-)a��-������)t-) ar��-������)4e-) c-� Q)#h-)a-� Q)n-)g-�`�)i-� Q)n-)g.��-�����\)& ��-������) E-� Q)v-)e-� Q)n-) -�`�) m��-������)'o-)re-� Q)' -) e-� Q)x-)c-�`�)i��-������)t-�`�)i-� Q)n��-������)g -�`�)%i-)s��-�����\) ��-������) t-� Q)h-)e��-������) -�`�) i-)dea��-�����\)E o-�`�)%f-� Q) -( Vwpr��-������)*o-�`�)fili-� Q);n��-������)g -)%s��-������)o-�`�)f��-������)t-)ware-� Q)a ��-������) t-� Q)h-)a��-������)t-) uses-� Q)b ��-������) t-� Q)h-)e��-������) -�`�) i��-������)te-)#ra��-������)'t-�`�)i-� Q)v-)e��-������) -) pr��-������)*o-)cess-� Q)R ��-������) to��-�����\)' -�`�) m-)'ake��-�����\)E -) ed-�`�)/i��-������)t-)s.-� Q)  An-�`�)Jy��-������)o-� Q)n-)e��-������) -) w-� Q)$h��-������)o -� Q)&h-)as��-������)) -) e-� Q)v-)e��-������)r -�`�( �wm-)'ade��-�����\)E -) c��-������)o-�`�)l��-������)o-)r-� Q) -) pr��-�����\)*o-�`�)fil-)-es��-�����\)) -) rea-�`�)=li-)zes��-�����\)? ��-������) t-� Q)h-)a��-������)t-) -� Q) h-)a-� Q)n��-������)d -)%ed-�`�)/i��-������)t-�`�)i-� Q)n-)g��-������) p-)%r��-������)o-�`�)f-� Q)i-�`�) l-)es��-�����\)) -�`�) i-)s��-�����\) -) s-�`�)l��-������)o-)w-� Q)$ -) a-� Q)n-)d��-������) -) pr��-������)*o-� Q)b-�`�)l-)e-�`�)m-)'a��-������)t-�`�)i-)c��-������).-)  O-� Q)1n-)ce��-������), t-� Q)h-)e��-�����\) -( <wpr��-������)*o-�`�)fil-)-e��-�����\) -) s��-������)o-�`�)f��-������)t-)war��-������)Ke-) ca-� Q)9n-) use��-������)O -) a-� Q)n-) -�`�) i��-������)t-)era��-������)=t-�`�)i-� Q)v��-������)e -)"pr��-������)*o-)cess-� Q)R ��-������) to -�`�)4m��-������)'a-)ke-� Q)/ -) c��-������)o-)rrec��-������)Nt-�`�)i��-������)o-� Q)n-)s��-������) -�`�) f��-������)or��-�����\)) -) us-�`�), ��-������) t-� Q)h-�`�)i-)s��-�����\) -) w-�`�)$il-� Q)l��-�����\)  -�`�) m-)'ake��-���@� )E  ����! �! � �! �!  �! � �! �!  �! � �! �!  �! � �! �!  �! � �! �!  �! � �! �!  �! � �! �!  �! � �! �!  �! � �! �!��� ��՜.��+,��04 hp|��� ���� � �'REC1 I 1.Getting ready for 2005: A few things to watch Title Headings �������� !"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY����[\]^_`a��������d����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������Root Entry�������� �F�#���f�1Table������������8WordDocument��������*SummaryInformation(�����uDocumentSummaryInformation8������������ZCompObj����XObjectPool�������������#����#������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� �FMicrosoft Word Document����NB6WWord.Document.8